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A solid and accurate cost estimate is the first step in any successful construction project.  Organized Builder, with the help of customizable Job Class Cost Codes, allows the Builder to assemble an “Estimate Template” for each construction job being bid.  The Builder is then able to send a request for an estimate to all their key Vendors and Subcontractors.  Through the “Vendor’s Dashboard,”  the Vendors are able to see the plans, fill out their home building estimate software, and send it to the Builder for approval as well as attach any documentation the Vendor may want to share with the Builder.   The team collaboration that Organized Builder provides will help you create better, more accurate home builder estimates without having all the run-around of getting plans into your Vendor’s hands.  It also prevents any miscommunication between the Vendor and the Builder down the road.

Once the project estimate is complete, you can create a construction Proposal with a few clicks of your mouse.  You can print the Proposal, or if you have registered your client, you can send the Proposal directly to the “Client Dashboard” for their approval.

Change Orders can be one of the toughest things to keep up with on any construction project. Organized Builder uses a similar estimating system to handle these for you.  At any time during the job, you can create a Change Order, and once approved, it becomes a part of the project and shows up on all Client Billing Statements and Balance Sheets throughout the rest of the Project.  This helps to eliminate those “end-of the-job conversations” about cost over-runs that every Builder dreads.