How it Works

Organized Builder is a Cloud-based construction software system that is accessed through the internet by way of a secure login process.  All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access and you can use your login credentials to get to all of your project and business information.  Your office travels with you wherever you go!

Once you sign up and receive your Builder Dashboard, you will begin to enter your project information which will automatically set up a Project Board for each of those jobs.  From there you can begin to enter your estimate for the project.  You will be able to invite your key vendors and subcontractors to register through your system, and they will in turn receive their own Vendors Dashboard where you will be able to share the project plans with them (without having to make copies and catch up with them to give them a set). They will then be able to give you their estimate from a bid sheet in Organized Builder, which, if you approve the estimate, becomes part of the Proposal and finally part of the Work in Progress.  The Vendors and Subcontractors can then invoice the Builder through their Vendor Dashboard as the project progresses.  The Vendors and the Subcontractors will also be able to send messages, attachments, etc., through the private Message Board of Organized Builder.

Clients can also be invited to participate in Organized Builder for their project.  After they are invited by the Builder, they will receive their Client Dashboard.   This will allow your client to keep up with the progress of their project through the Photo Section and Message Board.  It also will allow your client to approve Owner-Selected Items and Change Orders as they happen, so that everyone is on the same page and there are no unwanted surprises at the end of the project.